SpyroTGC is a YouTube creator who creates gaming videos on YouTube and sometimes vlogs. The channel was created on July 8th 2015.

The name Spyro was inspired by a skylanders character 'Spyro The Dragon' and TGC stands for TheGamingCat or TheGamingCat36. The reason its a cat is because Spyro calls himself a species of cat he made up called a Sprocat

Sprocat is the type of cat that is the main animal on Spyro's and Shadow's channel. Subscribers to Spyro's Channel are called 'Team Sprocat'


Spyro Is a friendly cat or 'Sprocat who loves cookies! Cookies are the snack spyro loves to eat and is one of his favorite foods!

Spyro plays Minecraft quite a bit and lives in a world he created called 'Catland Adventures' that is also a series

He has plenty of friends and helpers that help him out and also play games with him. His best friend 'ShadowTGS' is the other 'Sprocat' and helps Spyro with his channel at times.